Smarterer drops public profile pages

As of 20th September, it seems as if Smarterer has dropped public profiles and badges. A blog post on that date states


In support of this shift from external recognition to private validation, we’ve also replaced public profiles with a personal dashboard to house these new learning tools.


As a long time Smarterer user, I welcome the change in focus that this post announces but I think that dropping the ability to (optionally) have a public page showing your results is a mistake. The removal of public profile pages also seems to have resulted in the removal of public badges. There is a dashboard section which allows you to share your test scores but this is limited to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, none of which are an adequate substitute for embedding badges on your own site or resume. The ephemeral nature of Facebook posts and Twitter tweets make those options particularly useless.

Hopefully, Smarterer will restore public profiles and badges in the near future but, for now, I have removed the sidebar links to their site.




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