Google Maps is back and Google+ is even better…


My iPhone home screen
My iPhone home screen

It’s been a good week for Google users. After the release of the much-improved version 2 of Gmail for iOS (finally bringing multiple account support) and the convenience of the new “Save to Google Drive” extension for Chrome, the end of the week sees the dramatically upgraded Google Maps finally back on the iPhone. Each of them more than worthy of an install.

As if that wasn’t enough, today has seen a huge update to Google+ on the desktop, Android and iOS. Lots of new features have been added, as well as a new option in Gmail to share images directly to G+.

For a while there it seemed unclear to me just what Google were going to do with Plus but, with these recent changes, they have finally started delivering on their promise to take advantage of the integration possibilities offered by their more mature products such as Gmail, Calendar and Search. Unlike rivals Facebook and Dropbox they have a unique opportunity to make Google+ (and Drive) a seamless part of the “Google Experience” on both desktop and mobile. As far as I’m concerned, the more of that we see, the better.



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