How FourSquare uses MongoDB as their primary datastore

In this 45-minute video, Andrew Erlichson, Vice President of Education at 10gen (the makers of MongoDB) interviews John Hoffman, Manager of the Storage Team at FourSquare, about his company’s use of MongoDB as their primary datastore.

John discusses in detail FourSquare’s evolution from MySQL to Postgres to MongoDB, the challenges that led them to make the transition and goes into some detail about how FourSquare make use of the unique features of MongoDB.

This really is essential viewing for anyone interested in MongoDB and a great insight into what’s involved in managing the data of a high-performance, high usage, web-based app.

As a not totally irrelevant aside, I only recently came across this video as it is made available in Week 7 of the excellent (and free) “MongoDB for Developers” certification training course. For any developer new to MongoDB or just interested in knowing what all the NoSQL/document store excitement is about this is an essential course. Combine it with the “MongoDB for DBAs” course and you’ll come away with a good grasp of what’s involved in switching from a relational to a document-based database.



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