Web Tools, Weekly

It’s only been a couple of weeks since it launched but already Louis Lazaris’ “Web Tools Weekly” newsletter is shaping up to become an essential read, one that I look forward to dropping into my mailbox every Tuesday. In each issue, Louis presents a tip or tutorial, followed by a “round-up of various apps, scripts, plugins, and other resources to help front-end developers solve problems and be more productive”.

To date, he has introduced me to such diverse resources as

  • Prepos, a multi-platform alternative to the popular Mac-based CodeKit pre-processor
  • countable.js, a small Javascript function to add live paragraph, word and character counting to HTML elements
  • Heliuma tool for uncovering unused CSS across multiple pages of a website

With his first two issues Louis has set a very high standard – I hope he can continue to keep us informed and entertained.




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