Ditching Lorem Ipsum

If you’ve ever created wireframes or mockups for a web app it’s likely you’ve encountered the problem of what to show in place of text content that hasn’t been written yet. The most common solution is to use a 2000 year old piece of latin text known as “Lorem Ipsum” (or one of the many hundreds of minor variations on it). The benefits of this text are that it has a, more or less, normal distribution of letters (that is, it’s reasonably similar to English) so it won’t distort the appearance of your app in the same way that simply pasting in repeated dummy text such as “This is test text. This is test text.” will. In addition, for most people, it isn’t readable. As such, it reduces the distraction of having irrelevant, but understandable, text on the page.

That’s the intention anyway. Despite this, there are still those who will be distracted by it and focus more on what it signifies (or doesn’t) than on your design. This leads to an obvious conclusion; rather than using “Lorem Ipsum”, why not display our wireframe’s dummy text in a font that has the shape of regular English sentences but is genuinely unreadable and, as such, never confused for real copy?

That is the role of Blokk. Available free in both ttf and web font versions, Blokk is a font made up of dashes. Cut and paste a few paragraphs of text from a Gutenberg book or an article from CNN, specify the font as Blokk,  and you’re done – a simple, effective, modern and distraction-free alternative to “Lorem Ipsum”.

The first paragraph of this post, rendered in Blokk Neue.
A sample paragraph of text, rendered in Blokk Neue; the font was coloured grey to further reduce the visual impact.



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