{MONGODB NEWS} is a new, fortnightly email of curated links for MongoDB developers.

MongoDB News signup page

Earlier today I made public the signup page for a new project of mine. {MONGODB NEWS} is an email of curated links that are of interest to developers using the MongoDB datastore. Every two weeks I shall pick some of my favourite tools, blog posts, books and more. The emphasis will be on resources that make the life of the MongoDB developer easier, more productive and more enjoyable.

The first issue is published on Monday, 4th of November, 2013 but you can sign up now to make sure it arrives nice and fresh in your mailbox. All you’ll ever receive is one mail per fortnight, I’ll never spam you and I won’t sell or give your email address to anyone else. Mailing is handled by MailChimp so there is a hassle-free and instant unsubscribe. If you can’t wait until November, or you prefer a more frequent stream of MongoDB info, I also have a Twitter feed (you can see it on the right hand side of this page).

If you know of any interesting MongoDB related items I should consider for the mailing, please let me know via Twitter or email (david@mongodbnews.com).



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