Quick Start: MongoDB in less than 60 seconds #2

If you took my advice from the other day and had a look at MongoDB’s excellent Web Shell then you’ve probably tried out a few commands, maybe even worked through a bit of the tutorial. But you’re not only a busy developer, you’re an experienced developer. You know your way around and you don’t want to waste time with superfluous details. You want answers and you want them now. You can handle the truth. In short, what you want is a quick reference guide.

When it comes to quick reference guides I have 2 requirements (apart from the content being half decent):

  1. They must be printable on regular sized (A4) paper.
    This makes PDF my preferred format.
    As a bonus, this also makes them easy to store, search and annotate in Evernote.
  2. They must be readable.
    I’m too old to be squinting at an illegible, 8 point font.

So, bearing those criteria in mind, here are the best of the free MongoDB quick reference guides:


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