A new GitHub repo for config files

Earlier today I created a new public GitHub repo, called configs, appropriately enough. Simply put, this is going to be somewhere for me to keep my development configuration files so that they are always and easily accessible. Should anyone else find them of use then that would be a bonus.

The first config added to this new repo, .eslintrc, is for ESLint, the linting tool for Javascript and JSX that helps detect errors and highlights confusing constructs and violations of stylistic conventions. Having tried both JSLint and JSHint in the past I settled on ESLint as, compared to those alternatives, I find it to be more comprehensive in its checks, better documented and very easily extended.

I have a number of other config files I intend to add to the new repo but I’m taking the opportunity to give them the once over, refresh their contents and bring them up-to-date so updates will be spread over the next week or so.



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