Flashcards for Byword Keyboard Shortcuts now available from GitHub

The set of flashcards I created for Byword Keyboard Shortcuts on the Mac are now available to download from GitHub. Four versions of the cards are available – tilde-delimited, tab-delimited, Excel spreadsheet and Mental Case study exchange. These should allow you to import the cards into almost any Flashcard application.



In addition, I have also uploaded the cards to two more websites – FlashcardMachine.com and the excellent StudyBlue.com. This means that they are now available, free of charge, from:




Are you a Byword Master?

If you have used the Byword Markdown editor on the Mac you’ll already know that knowledge of the keyboard shortcuts is essential if you really want to get the full benefit of the clean, uncluttered interface, especially in full-screen mode.

As a complement to my recently created set of flashcards for Byword I have created a new Smarterer test. With 59 possible questions, offered in a rapid-fire multiple choice format, this test will allow you to really evaluate your skills in just a few minutes.

After successful completion of the test you’ll receive a badge indicating your skill level that you can add to your resume or website. You can see mine at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar… unfortunately WordPress (.com) doesn’t allow embedded Javascript so it doesn’t appear exactly as it should but it is still effective.





Flashcards for Byword Keyboard Shortcuts

Whenever I have to write a substantial amount of text — more than a few hundred words — then Markdown is my format of choice and Byword on Mac OSX my editor of choice. With its beautifully uncluttered, full-screen interface it makes writing both pleasurable and more productive.

But… if you really want to get the best out of Byword then a good knowledge of the keyboard shortcuts is essential. The last thing you want is to have to pause in full flow and take your hand off the keyboard to reach for the mouse or trackpad to indent a paragraph.

A new set of flashcards I have created and uploaded to Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange contains 60 of the most useful Byword shortcuts. As always, you can use them online or download them, free of charge, into your favourite flashcard app.