Smarterer image “gotcha”

Creating a Smarterer test to allow others to evaluate their skills is fairly easy – the system is straightforward and takes you step-by-step through the process.

However, as is the case with most endeavours, a little preparation goes a long way – this is especially true when creating an image to go with your test. The image will appear in search results and at the side of your test, next to the description, so you want it to look professional. What may not be immediately obvious when you upload your image is that, to look good in all situations, it must be a PNG with a transparent background. This is especially true if your image has an irregular shape and a white background. When you upload your image it’s previewed against a white background but that’s not the colour it will ultimately be placed on.

The following two screenshots illustrate the problem. Firstly, despite the circular shape, theĀ Pinterest logo looks good –

whereas the rectangular white background of this logo makes it look out-of-place:

Creating a PNG with a transparent background is very simple. There are lots of free online tools that will allow you to upload an image and select the colour to be made transparent so there is no need to install anything on your computer. If you make sure your image has a solid background colour to start this will be a pain-free and very fast process.

What if you’ve already uploaded an image to Smarterer without a transparent background? Unfortunately there is currently no way to change the image once it’sĀ loaded – you have to send Smarterer the new image by email ( and they will replace it for you.