DalekJS: a cross-platform, Javascript-based alternative to Selenium

DalekJS logo

DalekJS is a free and open source user interface (UI) testing tool written in Javascript and runnning in NodeJS though, like most Node tools, this is transparent once the installation is complete (which itself takes only a few minutes). Created by Sebastian Golasch as a response to the tortuous install process and maintenance nightmare that is Selenium-based testing this is a tool written by developers to solve developers real world web testing problems.

The current release is version 0.0.1 and described by Sebastian as “buggy as hell & not ready for production yet” though it is already feature-rich and definitely usable. Simple Javascript-based test scripts can easily check page properties such as title, dimensions, etc. as well as perform actions such as clicking links and buttons and filling forms.

DalekJS might just be the UI testing tool that web developers have been waiting for. Watch the following 15 minute video for a quick overview of just what Dalek can do and how easily it can do it.